Additional Cygwin long file path patch

Parker, Ron
Mon Nov 17 22:10:00 GMT 2003

> From: Robert Collins []

> 0) Fill out the last couple of thunks. FindFirstFile and FindNextFile 
> need to be always Ansi or always Wide, and if following that 
> principle 
> there, it probably makes sense to always use one or the other, not 
> decide on a per-call basis.

I had implemented this already, but not sent a patch for it.  I thought it
was bugged, but it turned out that I was running into the gcc alloca issue
when I increased PATH_MAX to 4096 on my machine.  It has been adapted to the
CVS code in line with your changes.  

Here is a patch against cygio.h.  I know you hate side-effects, but it
removes the extraneous trailing ';' from the switch statements and switches
to my home email address as well.  I'll break it apart if necessary.

The good thing here is that FindFirstFileW may be freely mixed with
FindNextFileA.  So, we do not have to remember which form was used for
FindFirstFile when calling FindNextFile.  This reduces the whole
decide-which-API-to-call-and-perform-UNICODE-translation to once per
FindFirstFile/FindNextFile loop.

Running a 'tla import' this will get us further.  It now experiences a
permissions failure at vu_sys_chmod.

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