[PATCH]Cygwin patch for ns-2.1b9a

이희진 heejin@popeye.snu.ac.kr
Fri Nov 21 06:57:00 GMT 2003


Is there any other Cygwin patch for ns-2.1b9a, rather than "ns-allinone-2.1b9a-gcc32-cygwin.path"?
Without the patch, the installation did not proceed.

To install ns-2.1b9a, I already tried and failed on the recent version of Cygwin with the "ns-allinone-2.1b9a-gcc32-cygwin.path."

Now, I am installing ns-2.1b9a on Cygwin with "gcc 3.2", using "ns-allinone-2.1b9a-gcc32-cygwin.path" and "ns-allinone-2.1b9a-gcc32.tar."  

Even though the installation succeeded with the patch and the PATH was updated accordingly, I could not pass the validation test. Some of simple tcl examples work, except the wireless tcl simulations. For example, wireless.tcl,C:\cygwin\home\Administrator\ns-allinone-2.1b9a\ns-2.1b9a\tcl\ex\, stops with the segmentation fault after showing "Starting simulation...". Also wireless-landmark.tcl stops showing "invalid comma name "Agent/landmark" while executing ..." .

Any help will be appreciated. 
Thank you.



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