Many updates to winsup/doc

Joshua Daniel Franklin
Sun Jan 11 08:52:00 GMT 2004

I just committed several changes to winsup/doc. Most are
small edits to various sections of the User's Guide, but
there are two that I should draw attention to. 

First, I updated the DTD declaration in the files to the
official DocBook 4.2 SGML DTD, added a new DSSSL stylesheet 
called cygwin.dsl, and edited to use cygwin.dsl 
instead of cygnus-both.dsl. This fixes a couple small problems
from the 1998 DTDs and makes it easier to make the single-file
HTML version of the User's Guide.

Second, I applied an FAQ patch that was submitted to the mailing
list about 3 months ago. David's said recently that he is very behind:
and so I thought I'd help out since this one that's I'd noted down
was for the FAQ:

"Hannu E K Nevalainen" <garbage_collector at telia dot com>
-how-programming.texinfo: Add some words about -mno-cygwin,
the difference with regard to preprocessor symbols and how to
investigate it further.

The small edits were:

"Dave Korn" <dk at artimi dot com>
-default values of CYGWIN=(no)ntsec (no)export error_start

"Gary L. Feldman" <gaf_ml_01 at comcast dot net>
-add reminder to not unselect any Base category packages

linda w <cygwin at tlinx dot org>
-add /proc discussion to User's Guide

"Roy Clemmons" <roy_clemmons at hotmail dot com>
-add discussion of cyg prefix to dll section

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