patch for audio recording with /dev/dsp

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Jan 29 11:07:00 GMT 2004

Hi Gerd,

On Jan 29 11:25, Gerd Spalink wrote:
> Yes, I am german and employed by a german company in Germany.
> So the employer's signature is not needed?

*Iff* you're only working in your spare time on Cygwin!

>  Then all the paperwork should be completed now.

We just have no feedback from the person who's collecting the papers so far.
For that reason we have to wait, yet.

> By the way, I am still working on that audio recording patch: Some code cleanup, and
> resolving the issues that I mentioned in the patch I posted. So could you wait for an updated
> patch before checking it into the CVS?

We'll wait for the next patch.  In the meantime, please reread the page, especially the part under
"When you have finalized your changes".  Send the ChangeLog as
plain text, the actual patch as unified diff.  In clear text,
not uuencoded or zipped.  Be sure to use correct formatting, in the
source code as well as in the ChangeLog.  It will help to avoid
frustration on both sides :-)


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