[Patch]: Win95

Matt Hargett matt@use.net
Tue Mar 23 01:18:00 GMT 2004

> >>Can you believe that the address appears 5 times on the stack on Win95,
> >>twice on ME, once on NT4.0?
> >>
> >>Now that the method is stable (after 1.5.10 is released), couldn't we
> > store
> >
> >>the offsets in wincap, keeping the adaptive method as a backup in the
> >>unknown case? Or are there many variations?
> >
> > I can tell you from the perspective of writing shellcode and rootkits on
> > windows that assuming offsets will be the same is not a good idea if you
> > going for something that is to be widely deployed. Not only can they
> > between service packs/patches, but also between language editions of the
> >
> What would you suggest doing instead?

Um, I would stick to the adaptive method that is currently being used. Maybe
the adaptive method could be sped up a bit, though? I'll see if I spot
anything obvious in the code tomorrow.

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