Patch to handle Win32 named pipes as file names

Corinna Vinschen
Thu May 6 09:25:00 GMT 2004


On May  4 22:36, Stephen Cleary wrote:
> Attached is a patch, ChangeLog, and one new file that allows Cygwin 
> programs to open Win32 named pipe instances (e.g., "\\.\pipe\pipename") 
> through an open() call. The resulting handle will appear like a FIFO to the 
> calling program.

while I really appreciate the effort, that's not what we expect from
an fhandler to do.  Cygwin is a POSIX layer.  An fhandler should at
least try to come up with a POSIX-like translation of a Windows
capability, in this case, converting Windows named pipes into POSIX
FIFOs on the API level.  What your code is doing is just allowing to
use Windows named pipes untranslated and treating them as FIFOs in

The ability to open/read/write/close WIndows named pipes should already
be available without much of a code change.  Paths like //./pipe/foo
should go through untranslated, just treated like normal files.  If that
doesn't work, feel free to fix the code snippets which accidentally disallow

However, if you want to contribute code to Cygwin, we need a copyright
assignment from you, filled out and snail mailed to Red Hat.  Please
see for details.

I hope that's not too discouraging,

Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
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