[Patch]: NUL and other special names

David Fritz zeroxdf@att.net
Thu Jun 3 19:54:00 GMT 2004

I don't how much you want to rely on undocumented features, but ntdll.dll 
exports a function called RtlIsDosDeviceName_U().  The WINE implementation has 
the following to say about it:

  *             RtlIsDosDeviceName_U   (NTDLL.@)
  * Check if the given DOS path contains a DOS device name.
  * Returns the length of the device name in the low word and its
  * position in the high word (both in bytes, not WCHARs), or 0 if no
  * device name is found.
ULONG WINAPI RtlIsDosDeviceName_U( PCWSTR dos_name )

Also, from the patch:

	  /* COM and LPT must be followed by a single digit */

The code in src/winsup/cygwin/devices.cc would seem to indicate that the number 
is not limited to a single digit.


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