Fix dup for /dev/dsp

Corinna Vinschen
Sat Jul 24 10:56:00 GMT 2004

On Jul 24 11:52, Gerd Spalink wrote:
> After reading the discussion, I agree to give archetypes a try to fix dup.
> I'll keep a copy of the linked list solution as a reference.
> Regarding the sharing/dup stuff, there are three different things to
> consider:
> 1. Independent processes
> They should be able to open as many /dev/dsp devices as the hardware
> supplies. On my hardware (AC97 on-board sound),
> I have an arbitrary number of playback devices.
> All output is converted to a common sampling rate and added somewhere
> inside the win32 mmsystem. It ends up on the same set of speakers.
> I only have a single recording device.
> All these devices should have different memory areas for their state.
> This case also applies to one process calling open several times.
> 2. Different processes related as parent/child
> If the parent has opened the device before the fork, child and parent
> should share the same device. Unfortunately, Win32 seems not to allow
> DuplicateHandle for wave devices, so as a work around the current
> implementation does not open the handle in the open call but later
> in read/write. This solution works for the players/recorders I tried.
> But it has the following faults:
> 1. The open does not really reserve the device. The device reservation
>    only works for devices that have already started to read/write.
> 2. Currently, state changes in the child are not affecting
>    the device state in the parent, neither the other way around.
> Some shared memory between these processes would improve things.
> But a child process could not stop a ongoing recording if the parent has
> started it and vice versa because the win32 device is still not shared.
> IMHO the only way to really share a wave device in this case
> is to have a common process that calls all the Win32 wave functions.
> Does anyone know how to duplicate a win32 wave device handle between
> processes?

I'm probably an computer audio device ignorant (I love my "real" HiFi
devices, though) but... what's different with the win32 wave device
that the usual DuplicateHandle shouldn't work?


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