[Patch]: Setting the winpid in pinfo

Christopher Faylor cgf-no-personal-reply-please@cygwin.com
Sat Sep 11 05:08:00 GMT 2004

On Sat, Sep 11, 2004 at 12:29:26AM -0400, Pierre A. Humblet wrote:
>In fact the way signals are delivered is current asymmetric:
>- Default actions are handled by the sigthread asynchronously of the

I don't know what this means.

>- Signals that require a handler have to wait until the mainthread is
>ready.  It may be advantageous/cleaner (this is a generalization of
>what you suggest for fork) to also wait for the mainthread to take
>default actions.

What does "mainthread is ready" mean?  You can't start the process until
a main thread is ready.

I'm sorry but I have no idea what you're talking about or why this has
anything to do with fork.

>P.S.: See also the Rationale at the bottom of

That's just the main page for the SUSv3.  I don't see how it applies.

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