dinput.h and ddraw.h from Wine with trivial modifications (fwd)

Peter Ekberg peda@axentia.se
Wed Sep 22 14:01:00 GMT 2004

Corinna wrote:
> On Sep 17 13:39, Peter Ekberg wrote:
>> Hello!
>> This is the ddraw.h and dinput.h files from Wine, with some trivial
>> modification by me to make them work in the cygwin environment.
>> They are "Copyright (C) the Wine project" according to their headers
>> and under the LGPL. I think it is polite to keep them under LGPL
>> rather than converting to the GPL so that changes can flow freely
>> between the two projects. [...]
> Doesn't this collide with the public domain-ness of w32api?

Well, winsock.h, winsock2.h, ws2tcpip.h, gl.h, glext.h and glu.h
are not public domain (according to README.w32api), so I figured
that two more files was not a major collision. Not my decision


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