[PATCH]: Still path.cc

Gary R. Van Sickle g.r.vansickle@worldnet.att.net
Thu Sep 23 02:35:00 GMT 2004

[Followups to cygwin@ since we're out of -patches' charter, also indicating
no desire for private correspondence/tantrums on this topic]

> On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 11:07:09AM -0500, Brian Ford wrote:
> >You can't win here.  If you're a developer like person, the 
> answer to 
> >bug reports is usually "fix it yourslef if it's important to 
> you".  If 
> >you don't report it, but say thank you when someone fixes 
> it, you get 
> >"shame on you for not reporting this serious bug".
> You apparently aren't paying very close attention.

Or has read any cygwin list for any length of time.

(BTW, I for one could never have predicted your knee-jerk passive-aggressive
reaction to a perfectly accurate statement there.  Touche.)

> If you provide a simple test case to the cygwin list, you are 
> generally thanked for the simple test case and eventually 
> someone will fix it.

True enough.

> If you report a vague bug, you will either be ignored or 
> there will be some attempt from cygwin mailing list regulars 
> to purify the problem from, e.g., into "cygwin bash hangs 
> when I do something.  Please help!"
> to "cygwin bash hangs when I type 'cd ..somewhere' using 
> cygwin 1.5.11 (cygcheck output included)"

Or, subjected to a bunch of abuse from you.  Brian clearly indicated that he
didn't know whether he had a "simple test case" (I assume typing
'..whatever' is simple enough) or a "vague bug" which as you indicate would
at best have been ignored.  Clearly he:

1.  Knew that "I have a vague bug and don't have time to investigate it, but
this seems to cause it" would almost certainly result in exactly the kind of
BS you simultaneously deny exists and dispense with abandon in your post
(why heck, a simple 'Thank you!' does that!).
2.  Already had his Recommended Daily Allowance of BS, and wasn't all that
hungry for more.

Look me in the eye and tell me my cause-and-effect analysis in #1 is
incorrect Chris.

> If you report a bug to the cygwin-developers list, you are 
> either ignored or (more likely) told to fix it yourself since 
> everyone who joins cygwin-developers is supposed to be at 
> least mildly familiar with the DLL and has claimed to want to 
> improve cygwin.  cygwin-developers is also not a bug-reporting list.

In fact, there is no cygwin bug-reporting list, such as a "cygwin-bugs@".
Gcc has one (well, a bugzilla-fed list, but still) (DISCLAIMER: This
observation is not to be construed as a demand for anybody, especially
Chris, to do anything).  But where does -developers@ come into play here?  I
apologize, perhaps I haven't been paying very close attention, so feel free
to let it fly Chris.  Get it all out of your system, at least for another
month or so.

> If you provide a patch, you are generally thanked for the 
> patch although there is often some back and forth before the 
> patch goes in.

Also true enough.

>  (Some people become outraged by this and 
> never send a patch again)

Well, since IIRC Brian's made quite a few valuable donations, here's hoping
he isn't as outraged by your abuse as by rights he should be.

> If you mention that you saw the same simple bug long ago and 
> never reported it (and why you'd bother to do that is 
> perplexing), then you will probably be matter-of-factly told 
> that you should have reported it earlier.

Matter of fact, you will have "shame" heaped upon you if you do that.  Even
more matter-of-factly, you'll have "shame" heaped upon you if you're
*ignored* as well!  As a matter of fact, one would seem to be forced to
conclude that (dare I say it?)... you can't win here.

And there's no need to worry about how much attention I've been paying.

> And, predictably the response to that will generally be "I 
> didn't have enough time", "It wasn't my fault", or "It's your fault".
> Actually, now that I think of it it's usually all three.
> HTH.

God you are a piece of work Faylor.  What caused all these problems you
suffer from, this hatred of your fellow man?  Or do you just have absolutely
*zero* people-skills and don't even know what your typing?  Or what?  What's
wrong Chris?  Maybe we can debug *you*, and reap the benefits of your
work[1] without having to endure the BS.  Help us help you, Chris.

Help us, help you.

Gary R. Van Sickle
[1] DISCLAIMER: This statement is not to be construed as a 'Thank you' and
is therefore *NOT* fair game in anyone's mind for directing "shame" at me.

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