[Patch]: Timer functions

Christopher Faylor cgf-no-personal-reply-please@cygwin.com
Sun Mar 27 02:01:00 GMT 2005

On Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 02:01:30PM -0500, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>I just wanted to say that I haven't forgotten about this patch and I plan
>on adding it + some modifications soon.

I've just checked in a superset of this patch.  I deleted a lot more
stuff from window.cc (and wininfo.h) and added a method to cygthread
which allows passing an event which will be signalled when an auto
release thread exits.  This allows waiting for a thread to exit without
resorting to a busy loop.  I also cleaned up the locking a little.

This passes all of the apppropriate timer_* tests from the
posixtestsuite (http://posixtest.sourceforge.net/) but there are still a
couple of problems with nanosleep.  I'll get to those in the next couple
of days.

Thanks for the patch.


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