[Patch] /etc/termcap missing eA capabilities

Thomas Wolff towo@computer.org
Mon Aug 8 11:19:00 GMT 2005

there is an interworking problem for programs that link to libtermcap 
and want to use the alternate character set ("VT100 block graphics").
The termcap capability to enable usage of the alternate character set 
mode is missing from /etc/termcap so e.g. menu borders would appear 
as letters rather than graphic lines and corners.

The attached patch fixes the problem (assuming the termcap file 
gets installed into /etc; I couldn't try because make install did 
not work for some reason, even configure had not worked without tricks).
Please integrate the patch and release an updated termcap.
(I am delaying the announcement of package update of my editor mined 
until this problem gets fixed.)

Background info: This has recently become a problem because due to 
a mis-interpretation of VT100 behaviour, using the eA/enacs capability 
had not been necessary in earlier xterm versions for a while when usage 
of the alternate character set was enabled by default. According to 
Thomas Dickey (the maintainer of xterm) this "bug" was recently fixed, 
introducing the interworking problem for programs that assumed the 
accustomed simpler usage.

Thank you very much and kind regards,
Thomas Wolff

2005-08-05  Thomas Wolff  <towo@computer.org>

	* termcap: Updated xterm and rxvt (from /usr/share/terminfo 
	using infocmp) to include the eA capability in order to enable 
	programs to enable the alternate character set.

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