Corinna Vinschen
Mon Sep 12 15:22:00 GMT 2005


On Sep 10 14:55, Eric Blake wrote:
> Eric Blake <ebb9 <at>> writes:
> Just making sure this patch didn't fall through the cracks...
> > 
> > 2005-09-06  Eric Blake  <ebb9 <at>>
> > 
> > 	* include/limits.h (ARG_MAX): New limit.
> > 	* (sysconf): _SC_ARG_MAX: Use it.
> Even with your recent patches to make cygwin programs receive longer command
> lines, whether or not they are not mounted cygexec, ARG_MAX should still reflect
> the worst case limit so that programs (like xargs) that use ARG_MAX will work
> reliably even when invoking non-cygwin programs that are really bound by the 32k
> limit.

I had a short talk with Chris and we both agree that it doesn't make
overly sense to go down to the lowest limit just to accomodate
non-Cygwin applications.  Users of those apps can easily use xargs -s
so why penalize Cygwin apps?


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