Allow to send SIGQUIT via Ctrl+BREAK (patch included)

Christian Franke
Thu Nov 24 22:02:00 GMT 2005


unlike Linux & friends, Cygwin cannot send a SIGQUIT via keyboard.
The SIGQUIT key simulated in termios does only work if app reads from 
Both console events ^C and ^BREAK are mapped to SIGINT.

Suggest to add some option to send SIGQUIT via ^BREAK.

A simple patch is attached.

It sends SIGQUIT on ^BREAK if both VINTR and VQUIT are set to ^C.
As a positive side effect, this disables any other SIGQUIT key in termios.


$ sleep 1000

$ ./stty quit ^C
$ sleep 1000
Quit (core dumped)

$ ./stty quit ^X
$ sleep 1000

$ echo Thanks for any comment
Thanks for any comment


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