[patch] fix spurious SIGSEGV faults under Cygwin

Christopher Faylor cgf-no-personal-reply-please@cygwin.com
Thu Feb 2 17:06:00 GMT 2006

On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 08:00:01AM -0800, Brian Dessent wrote:
>Brian Dessent wrote:
>>  #define _CYGWIN_SIGNAL_STRING "cYgSiGw00f"
>Sigh, this breaks strace under Cygwin, I should have tested more.  Sorry
>about that.  Apparently strace expects anything starting with the 'cYg'
>prefix to be followed by a hex number.  I thought that since
>_CYGWIN_SIGNAL_STRING already existed and didn't follow that format it
>was safe to add more, but that's not the case.
>So, should I pick another prefix that's not 'cYg'?  Or instead use
>something like "cYg0 ..." since strace seems to just ignore the string
>if its value is 0?  Or something else?

Thanks for the patch but I've been working on this too and, so far, I think
it is possible to have a very minimal way of dealing with this problem.  I
haven't had time to delve into it too deeply but I have been exploring this
problem on and off for a couple of weeks.  If the situation at work calms
down a little I may be able to finish up what I've been working on.

OTOH, if what I have is really not working then I'll take a look at what
you've done.

Again, thanks for the patch.  I probably should have sent a heads up that
I was working on this.


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