Patch for silent crash with Cygwin1.dll v 1.5.19-4

Brian Dessent
Mon Mar 6 21:50:00 GMT 2006

Gary Zablackis wrote:

> I did some more research over the weekend and my
> problem seems to only come when loading a dll via
> dlopen() and run_ctors() is called from dll:init() and
> pthread_key_create() is called during the time that
> run_ctors() is active. I still have not found who is
> calling pthread_key_create(), but will be working on
> this as time permits this week.

If you are trying to track down why you get a SIGSEGV in
pthread_key_create while running your app in gdb you are wasting your
time.  This is not a fault, it is expected and normal.  Search the


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