limits.h missing constants

Eric Blake
Sat Apr 15 16:31:00 GMT 2006

> 2006-04-15  Eric Blake  <>
> 	* include/limits.h (_POSIX_*, _POSIX2_*, _XOPEN_*): Define missing
> 	standard constants, and correct invalid ones.
> 	(SYMLOOP_MAX): Define.
> 	* path.h (MAX_LINK_DEPTH): Define in terms of SYMLOOP_MAX.
> 	* regex/regcomp.c (p_b_cclass): Limit length of char class name.

Oops - wrong version of the patch (path.h needs to include limits.h
as in this corrected version, for SYMLOOP_MAX to work).

Also, if you want to double-check my limits.h values, see

Eric Blake
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