UTF-8 Cygwin

SUZUKI Hisao suzuki611@oki.com
Thu Jul 6 06:27:00 GMT 2006

Larry Hall wrote:
> SUZUKI Hisao wrote:
>> Yes, I have filled out the assignment form and have sent it to Red
>> Hat.  I hope you can adopt and adapt the patch without any legal
>> fears now ;-).
>> P.S.
>> Based on Cygwin 1.5.20-1, I have updated the UTF-8 patch.
>> In fact, I have just "diff -c"'ed the old ones and have patch'ed the
>> results to cygwin-1.5.20-1-src, except for sys_wcstombs() in
>> miscfuncs.cc.  Its definition differs from what is in cygwin-1.5.19-4.
>> I have just done a few lines of tweaks on it.
>> Though I have not looked into the details yet, it seems working fine.
>> Please try it:

You know the modified source has been available here from the very first:

>> http://www.okisoft.co.jp/esc/utf8-cygwin/
> Sounds like things are all moving in the right direction!  Once you receive
> the "OK" from Corinna (indicating that your assignment form has arrived at
> Red Hat's headquarters), you'll want to generate a patch to submit to this
> list for discussion/approval.  The details of this process are described 
> here:
> <http://cygwin.com/contrib.html>
> Looking forward to your contribution and thanks in advance for the work!

Indeed, if you need a certain format of patch, you can make it freely.

Anyway, I append it to this mail with its "ChangeLog".  I have not
received the "OK" from Corinna yet, but the source has been and will be
open for everyone.

Sorry, but I cannot access to CVS server because of firewall.  So the
patch file was made from the cygwin-1.5.20-1-src.

370a91f5153004455e71aa0c15e83f87  ChangeLog
d6e79e15e92814da891ba4d8040e1722  utf-8-patch-07-05

-- SUZUKI Hisao
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