Patch to mapping up to 128 SCSI Disk Devices

Loh, Joe
Mon Nov 27 15:47:00 GMT 2006

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Nov 14 11:52, Loh, Joe wrote:
>> [...]
>> We have converted all comments to use C-style /**/ and attached the
>> patch as a file instead.
> Your copyright assignment has arrived and got signed, so I took the
> opportunity to apply your patch.  Thanks. 
> Looking forward to see more patches,
> Corinna
> P.S.: Just a friendly reminder, you're all the time using "we" in the
> context of this patch.  I've positively assumed now that this patch
> has been created by yourself.  If other developers in your company
> want to provide patches, please make sure they all have a copyright
> assignment in place.  I do not like these legal hassles, but I have
> to follow them, sorry.     

Thank you for accepting and applying the patch.  There is one other
person involved in testing the modified DLL, the patch itself is created
by me.

Appreciate the responsiveness.


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