EPS import for XFig

Franz Häuslschmid lukrez@gmx.at
Sun Dec 10 09:16:00 GMT 2006


there is a problem with XFig as soon as more than one EPS should
be imported as figure object.  The problem has been addressed



and finally


An inspection of XFig's source code revealed that a call to
`unlink' in order to remove a temporary bitmap preview of the EPS
to include delays the actual deletion.  The bitmap preview for
subsequent EPS files would go to a temporary file always having
the same name.  As the deletion of the first preview is pending
(which means that the preview file is still there, without any
file permissions observable by Windows Explorer), subsequent
previews having the same file name can't be created and the
import into the editor view fails.

The cause for the delay of the deletion is, that there is still a
`FILE' object in memory that references that file.  The patch
forces the file to be closed as soon as it isn't needed any more.


2006-12-10  Franz Haeuslschmid  <lukrez@gmx.at>

	    * f_readeps.c (bitmap_from_gs): Ensures that all FILE
	      referring to the temporary bitmap preview are
	      closed before the
	      preview file is unlinked.

--- f_readeps.c.orig  2005-10-05 11:17:05.985950000 +0200
+++ f_readeps.c	      2005-10-05 11:19:29.095325000 +0200
@@ -407,6 +407,7 @@ Boolean
         ht = pic->pic_cache->size_y;
         pcxfile = open_picfile(pixnam, &filtyp, PIPEOK,
         status = _read_pcx(pcxfile, pic);
+        fclose(pcxfile);
         /* restore width/height */
         pic->pic_cache->size_x = wid;
         pic->pic_cache->size_y = ht;

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