[PATCH] w32api: Correct Unicode/Ansi defines for GetMappedFileName

Matthew Gregan kinetik@flim.org
Fri Mar 23 12:27:00 GMT 2007

At 2007-03-23T10:21:57+0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Thanks for the patch.  I've applied it.

Well, not quite.  The changes you've applied still have the incorrect case
for GetMappedFileName (note the capital N).  My original patch was correct.
I've attached a new patch against the latest revision to fix up the

> Btw., the w32api is officially maintained by the MinGW folks, see the
> README.w32api file.  Patches to w32api are better off in the appropriate
> mingw mailing list.

Yes, sorry, I totally missed this.  I got confused because the w32api
directory in the MinGW CVS tree is empty and points you to the Cygwin CVS
tree, but, as you say, the README.w32api in the Cygwin w32api source tree
does tell you to send patches to the MinGW developers.  I'll do that next

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