[Patch] "strace ./app.exe" probably runs application from /bin

Christian Franke Christian.Franke@t-online.de
Sat Jun 2 16:11:00 GMT 2007

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> ...
> Thanks for the problem report and test case but this is pretty clearly
> not the right way to deal with the issue.  Putting a special case catch
> of "./" around a function call which is intended to deal with paths is
> pretty clearly a band-aid.


> Let me rephrase the problem:
> "cygpath does not properly deal with the current directory"

It depends. Removing "./" from a path is usually OK. Except when 
application search should be enabled if a path is missing.

I don't know whether this current behaviour of path.cc:cygpath() is 
required somewhere else
(cygcheck.cc, dump_setup.cc ...).

Thats the reason why I didn't modify cygpath() itself and used this 
(workaround|hack) instead.


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