Doc change request

Christopher Faylor
Wed Jul 18 15:10:00 GMT 2007

On Wed, Jul 18, 2007 at 08:05:59AM -0700, Brian Dessent wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>> Could I ask someone to do a search and replace on the docs and
>> change all occurrences of /usr/man and /usr/doc to /usr/share/man
>> and /usr/share/doc?
>> Brian, do you have time to do this?  I think you touched the
>> documentation list so you're "it".
>I can only find a total of three references to either directory,
>and two of them mention it the context of "this was the old location":
>faq-resources.xml-15-list what man pages the package includes.)  Some older packages still keep
>faq-resources.xml:16:their documentation in <literal>/usr/doc/</literal>
>faq-resources.xml-17-instead of <literal>/usr/share/doc/</literal>.
>setup-net.sgml:235:Relevant documentation can be found in the <literal>/usr/doc/Cygwin/</literal> 
>setup-net.sgml-236-or <literal>/usr/share/doc/Cygwin/</literal> directory.
>The only remaining one is a glancing reference in the FAQ to rxvt,
>and it needs cleaning up anyway as it refers to ash.  If the attached
>fix is OK I will update the htdocs copy too.
>faq-using.xml-864-<para>Don't invoke as simply ``rxvt'' because that will run /bin/sh (really
>faq-using.xml-865-ash) which is not a good interactive shell.  For details see
>Unless my grep-fu failed that's it.

Looks good to me.  Thanks for doing this.


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