[Patch] Encode invalid chars in /proc/registry entries

Christian Franke Christian.Franke@t-online.de
Fri Nov 16 19:25:00 GMT 2007

Hi Corinna,

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> ...
>> Patch is tested with 1.5.24-2. Merge with HEAD looks good, but was not 
>> actually tested. Therefore, no changelog provided yet.
> Thanks for this patch.  Apart from the missing ChangeLog I'm inclined
> to apply it to the upcoming 1.5.25 release, but I don't like to have it
> in HEAD as is.

Thanks, I would appreciate to have this issue fixed in the bugfix release.

Here is a new version of the patch and a ChangeLog.

The names "." and ".." are now also encoded. Theses are also valid as 
Key/Value Names and ".." may result in infinite recursion.

> The reason is that the patch introduces more usages of CYG_MAX_PATH plus
> static buffers of that size.  That's ok for 1.5, but that's not ok
> anymore for 1.7.  We're heading to support PATH_MAX = ~32K paths.  The
> registry also supports long paths, unfortunately with undefined max
> length.  The current definition in MSDN(*) is
>   Max name length of keys:      255 chars
>   Max name length of values:  16383 chars
>   Max tree depth:               512 levels
> So, for HEAD I'd like to ask you to allow arbitrary path lengths in your
> code.  Personally I could live with restricting registry paths to
> PATH_MAX as well.

Agree. Probably Cygwin should never descend paths that exceed PATH_MAX, 
as an application using PATH_MAX may have no buffer overflow check.

> While you're digging in registry code anyway... would you be interested
> to convert the entire registry code to wide char and long path names?
> I'd be glad for any help.

I will have a look at it, but be patient. Is current HEAD a reasonable 
starting point or is there a better (more stable) snapshot?


2007-11-16  Christian Franke  <franke@computer.org>

	* fhandler_registry.cc (must_encode): New function.
	(encode_regname): Ditto.
	(decode_regname): Ditto.
	(fhandler_registry::exists): Encode name before path compare.
	(fhandler_registry::fstat): Pass decoded name to win32 registry call.
	(fhandler_registry::readdir): Return encoded name to user.
	(fhandler_registry::open): Store decoded name into value_name.
	(open_key): Pass decoded name to win32 registry call.

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