[patch] poll() return value is actually that of select()

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Wed Dec 12 18:57:00 GMT 2007

On Dec 12 12:59, Craig MacGregor wrote:
> Attached is some goo which makes poll() work as expected.... compiled,
> tested, works... fyi, as of 9:30am EST string.h broke the build, i had
> to roll it back.

Works for me.  How does it break the build for you?  Patch?

> 2007-12-12  Craig MacGregor  <cmacgreg@gmail.com>
> 	* poll.cc (poll): Return count of fds with events instead of total event count

Thanks for the patch.  It looks good to me, but I'll slightly reformat
it.  I'll rather have the `ir = 1' expressions standalone on a single
line and curly brackets.  I'll apply it tomorrow.

However, this patch is already almost beyond the upper bound (in terms
of patch size) which we can incorporate without having a signed
copyright assignment from you, see http://cygwin.com/contrib.html,
section "Before you get started".  I don't want to keep you from
providing more and bigger patches, of course, but we all had to go
through this legal stuff :}

Thanks again for the patch,

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