Export fast *rint* functions

Dave Korn dave.korn@artimi.com
Sat Dec 29 11:27:00 GMT 2007

  One quick Christmas break later.... hope everyone's had a nice week...

On 21 December 2007 23:41, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> Unless I don't know something about these functions, I don't think there
> is any reason to add a foo and a _foo.  We haven't been doing that in
> cygwin.din for years.

  Righto, I didn't know that; I just copied the existing pattern.  Revised patch

2007-12-29  Dave Korn  <dave.korn@artimi.com>

	* cygwin.din (_f_llrint, _f_llrintf, _f_llrintl, _f_lrint, _f_lrintf,
	_f_lrintl, _f_rint, _f_rintf, _f_rintl):  Export fast *rint* functions.
	(lrint, lrintf, rint, rintf):  Redirect exports to alias _f_ versions.
	(llrint, llrintf, llrintl, lrintl, rintl):  Add exports aliasing _f_*
	versions likewise.

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