[patch] cygcheck.cc update for cygpath()

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Sun Mar 9 19:55:00 GMT 2008

On Mar  9 11:03, Brian Dessent wrote:
> Christopher Faylor wrote:
> > I guess I misunderstood.  I thought that the current working directory
> > could be derived through some complicated combination of Nt*() calls.
> I could be wrong here but the way I understood it, there is no concept
> of a working directory at the NT level, that is something that is
> maintained by the Win32 layer.

That's right.  NT doesn't have a notion what a cwd is.  It only has the
OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES structure which defines an object by an absolute path,
or by a path relative to a directory handle.

The cwd is maintained by kernel32.dll in a per-process structure called
RTL_USER_PROCESS_PARAMETERS.  The cwd is stored as path (always with
trailing backslash) and as handle.

Sometimes the Win32 functions use the cwd's path to create an absolute
path from a relative path, sometimes they use the cwd's handle and the
relative path in calls to NT functions.

> My question is, what does GetCurrentDirectoryW() return if the current
> directory is greater than the 260 limit?  Does it choke or does it
> switch to the \.\c:\foo syntax?

It can't do that.  See the MSDN man page for SetCurrentDirectory:

 "The string must not exceed MAX_PATH characters including the
  terminating null character."

The problem is that the cwd is stored as UNICODE_STRING with a
statically allocated buffer in the user parameter block.  The
MaximumLength is set to 520.  SetCurrentDirectory refuses to take paths
longer than that.  In theory it would be possible to define a longer cwd
by defining a new buffer in the cwd's UNICODE_STRING.  But I never tried
that.  I don't really know if that's possible and what happens if you
call CreateProcess or, FWIW, any Win32 file access function after doing
that.  Nobody keeps us from trying, but I have this gut feeling that
different NT versions will show different behaviour...


(*) See cygwin/ntdll.h, struct _RTL_USER_PROCESS_PARAMETERS.

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