addr2line [ Was: better stackdumps ]

Brian Dessent
Thu Mar 20 19:24:00 GMT 2008

Brian Dessent wrote:

> I think I see what's going on here though, the Cygwin fault handler took
> the first chance exception and wrote the stackdump file, and only then
> passed it on to the debugger, so that by the time gdb got notice of the
> fault the stack was all fubar.  This could be the reason why dumper is
> not working too.  I thought there was a IsBeingDebugged() check in the

Silly me, this is good old "set cygwin-exceptions" defaulting to off...
of course gdb was ignoring the fault and letting Cygwin handle it.  With
it set to on everything works as expected, and the issue of why the
process state that dumper records is so trashed is unrelated.


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