[PATCH/libiberty] Fix PR38903 Cygwin GCC bootstrap failure [was Re: Libiberty issue vs cygwin [was Re: This is a Cygwin failure yeah?]]

Dave Korn dave.korn.cygwin@googlemail.com
Sun Jan 18 00:52:00 GMT 2009

DJ Delorie wrote:
> IIRC, that whole clause was because cygwin's dll itself linked with
> libiberty, so the auto-detect stuff needed an override to make sure
> the right files were there when you build cygwin1.dll.  Otherwise, it
> would detect that cygwin had strsignal, not build it, then fail later
> when cygwin1.dll couldn't find strsignal.
> If cygwin no longer links with libiberty, that whole clause can
> probably go away now.  As it's target-specific, I'm OK with letting
> the target maintainers have the last word about it, too.

  There are no longer any references to ../libiberty/* in Cygwin's Makefile,
and indeed the libiberty subdir has been removed from the module definition
for winsup so you don't even get it in a fresh checkout any more.

  Given that, I think we can remove the clause entirely.  I've tested this by
doing (separate) native builds of GCC, winsup, binutils and GDB, with no
issues arising.  I haven't tried cross-builds or combined source-tree builds,
but there's no reason to believe they would be affected any differently.

  GCC is in stage 4, but this is target-specific and fixes a bootstrap
failure on a secondary platform.

  Ok for HEAD of both gcc/ and src/ ?


	* configure.ac (funcs, vars, checkfuncs):  Don't munge on Cygwin,
	as it no longer shares libiberty object files.
	* configure:  Regenerated.

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