[PATCH] Fix type inconsistencies in stdint.h

Dave Korn dave.korn.cygwin@googlemail.com
Sat Apr 4 07:03:00 GMT 2009

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> Why would changing uint32_t from 'unsigned long' to 'unsigned int' break
> anything?  

  Well, it mangles differently and will resolve overloads and instantiate
templates differently won't it?

> It looks to me like that is a disaster waiting to happen if
> we ever provide a 64-bit port

  Not necessarily.  Win64 is an LLP64 platform.  Won't that make it OK?  All
the 32-bit integer types remain 32-bits, the 64-bit long long remains 64-bits,
only pointers change in size.  (Along with the related [u]intptr_t, ptrdiff_t

> Isn't a long 32 bits?  What would be the ABI breakage in changing that
> one typedef rather than lots of #defines?  It seems like fixing the
> typedefs in stdint.h is the right thing to do before Cygwin 1.7 rolls
> out.

  Agreed, but I'm not sure if they are wrong yet.  Just different, with a
legacy of applications that expect them to be the way they currently are.


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