[1.7] rename/renameat error

Eric Blake ebb9@byu.net
Sat Sep 26 00:03:00 GMT 2009

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According to Christopher Faylor on 9/25/2009 9:11 AM:
>> >+  /* POSIX says mkdir("symlink-to-missing/") should create the
>> >+     directory "missing", but Linux rejects it with EEXIST.  Copy
>> >+     Linux behavior for now.  */
>> >+
>> >+  dlen = strlen (dir);
>> >+  if (isdirsep (dir[dlen - 1]))
> Couldn't this index negatively if dir is zero length?

Yep, and so could rename, where this was copied from.  Fixed in the respin

>> >+    {
>> >+      stpcpy (newbuf = tp.c_get (), dir);
> Since stpcpy returns a pointer to the end of the buffer couldn't we use that
> and do pointer arithmetic rather than index arithmetic?

Theoretically, a good compiler can do just as well with either.  But how
does it look now?

>> >-  char new_buf[strlen (newpath) + 5];
>> >+  if (isdirsep (newpath[nlen - 1]) || has_dot_last_component (newpath, false))
> Same observation:  Couldn't newpath be zero length?

Also fixed below; actually this one is fixed by using PC_NULLEMPTY, which
guarantees newpc.error will be set to ENOENT and skip this line of code.

2009-09-25  Eric Blake  <ebb9@byu.net>

	* syscalls.cc (link): Delete obsolete comment.  Reject directories
	and missing source up front.
	(rename): Use correct errno for trailing '.'.  Detect empty
	strings.  Allow trailing slash to newpath iff oldpath is
	* dir.cc (mkdir): Reject dangling symlink with trailing slash.
	* fhandler_disk_file.cc (fhandler_disk_file::link): Reject
	trailing slash.
	* fhandler.cc (fhandler_base::link): Match Linux errno.

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