Add wrappers for ExitProcess, TerminateProcess

Dave Korn
Mon Oct 5 19:39:00 GMT 2009

Charles Wilson wrote:
> Dave Korn wrote:
>>   As to the actual patch itself, it looks sane (just reading it by eye, I
>> haven't tested it), and the design motivation seems reasonable.
> [snip]
>>   File-local extern declarations are pure evil, let alone function-local ones.
>>  Why not fix this badness while you're touching it anyway?
> 'Cause I figured cgf did that for reasons beyond my ken.  What do you
> suggest, moving the definition to and the declaration(s) to
> winsup.h?

  Wouldn't see any need to move the declaration any; just think that there
should be one unique extern declaration and it should be in a common header
that can be #included both where the var is declared and where it is referenced.


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