Add wrappers for ExitProcess, TerminateProcess

Christopher Faylor
Tue Oct 6 18:22:00 GMT 2009

On Tue, Oct 06, 2009 at 11:49:35AM -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
>Charles Wilson wrote:
>>> I can live with both variations, though I like the one entry point idea
>>> as in `cygwin_internal (CW_EXIT_PROCESS, UINT, bool)'  more.
>> As re-implemented, attached. (I used the windows BOOL type, rather than
>> the C99/C++ bool type).  Test case:
>AND...regenerated the patch against this morning's CVS, in which the
>sigExeced stuff was committed. (Patch unchanged except ang
> stuff removed from patch).
>2009-10-05  Charles Wilson  <...>
>	Add cygwin wrapper for ExitProcess and TerminateProcess.
>	* include/sys/cygwin.h: Declare new cygwin_getinfo_type
>	* (exit_process): New function.
>	(cygwin_internal): Handle CW_EXIT_PROCESS.
>	* pinfo.h (pinfo::set_exit_code): New method.
>	* (pinfo::set_exit_code): New, refactored from...
>	(pinfo::maybe_set_exit_code_from_windows): here. Call it.

Looks good with a minor kvetch: Could you use "bool" instead of "BOOL"
for variables that don't have to be passed to a Windows function that
takes a BOOL argument?

If you make that change, I'm fine with this change.  And thanks, once again,
for seeing this through.


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