Honor DESTDIR in w32api and mingw

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Fri Oct 16 20:57:00 GMT 2009

Charles Wilson wrote:
>> Why are you setting DESTDIR?  My understanding is that for DESTDIR to work
>> reliably, you need to use $(DESTDIR), but not set it.  Then make will
>> default it to empty, which can be changed by either 'make DESTDIR=...' or
>> 'env DESTDIR=... make -e'.
> Oh, ok.  I'll take those bits out -- I'm just always used to explicitly
> setting it (empty).  I see that, if they support DESTDIR at all, both
> automake-generated and custom Makefile.in's in src/ seem to follow your
> rule.

Better?  Who can approve this?

2009-10-15  Charles Wilson  <...>

	Honor DESTDIR for winsup/mingw and winsup/w32api.
	* winsup/mingw/Makefile.in: Honor DESTDIR and add to
	* winsup/mingw/mingwex/Makefile.in: Honor DESTDIR.
	* winsup/mingw/profile/Makefile.in: Honor DESTDIR.
	* winsup/w32api/Makefile.in Honor DESTDIR and add to
	* winsup/w32api/lib/Makefile.in: Honor DESTDIR and add to
	* winsup/w32api/lib/ddk/Makefile.in: Honor DESTDIR.
	* w32api/lib/directx/Makefile.in: Honor DESTDIR.


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