console enhancements: mouse events

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Nov 10 19:44:00 GMT 2009

On Nov 10 17:47, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen schrieb:
> I had not expected you to take action on this issue so soon:
> >- Don't create ESC sequences for ALT-key keypresses if key translates
> >  into a multibyte sequence.  This avoids stray bytes in input when
> >  pressing for instance ALT-ö (Umlaut-o) under UTF-8.

I applied the change already an hour before your mail from yesterday.
It makes a lot of sense to subscribe to the cygwin-cvs mailing list,
since you see immediately what has happened in the repository.

> - especially given:
> >...  And, whatever
> >super-duper change we make to this essential console code in future,
> >let's wait until after 1.7.1, please.

Well, it wasn't exactly a super-duper change, rather something I thought
of as a bugfix.

> Actually, I think this is the wrong change. I'm sorry I came up with
> this confusion because I didn't test sufficiently, but as I said in
> my second mail
> >For non-ASCII it works fine,
> and contemplating again
> >If you press Alt-ö, the console generates the sequence ESC 0xc3 0xb6.
> I think this is absolutely the right thing to generate - after all,
> what else should be expected here?
> The "stray bytes" are created in bash/readline, the previous
> behavior of cygwin console in this case was perfect, I'd suggest to
> revert, please.

I was just going to refuse your request, when I had this really spooky
idea of actually *testing* this in an xterm running under Linux.  And,
what shall I say?  Xterm creates the same ESC 0xc3 0xb6 sequence when
pressing Alt-ö.  I'll revert the change.  Note to self: "Testing doesn't


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