console enhancements: mouse events etc

Thomas Wolff
Mon Dec 14 16:17:00 GMT 2009

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Hi Tom,
Hi Cori,

> On Dec  6 20:24, Thomas Wolff wrote:
>> This is my updated and extended patch for a number of console enhancements.
>> ...
>> If you want a subset of the features sooner than others, I may split
>> the patch.
> Thanks for the offer.  It would be nice if you could split up the patch
> in the chunks which you're referring to in your ChangeLog entries.  It
> makes it less hard to follow the individual bits.
Sure, although I had hoped I could at least combine a few modifications 
to reduce fiddling around...
Also, since it's always cumbersome to update a patch to a new target 
version, would you be willing to apply some of the features still to the 
current release, 1.7.0-68?
I would provide those first.
My proposal:

Patch 1 (1.7.0-68):
* Additional event reporting as described before.
* Add and fix a few rarely used screen attributes as described before.
* Enable ESC prefixing for Alt-AltGr keys, so that e.g. Alt-@ works on 
keyboards where @ is AltGr-q (a one-liner).
But if you prefer, I'll make it 3 patches.

Patch 2 (maybe 1.7.0-68, or later, as you like):
* Extend escape sequences for modified function keys to indicate all 
combinations of Ctrl, Shift, Alt, using the rxvt codes.
* Extend escape sequences for modified keypad keys to indicate all 
combinations of Ctrl, Shift, Alt, following the xterm/mintty convention 
for Ctrl and Shift, and the rxvt/linux convention for Alt, to reach 
maximum compatibility.
  Note that Alt handling interfers with the Windows-style Alt-numeric 
character input method but it did so before already, so I didn't break 
anything. However, if that method is desired to work, I would modify my 
patch accordingly.

Patch 3 (maybe 1.7.0-68, or later, as you like):
* Add VT100 graphics mode. It remaps small ASCII letters to line drawing 
graphics and is enabled / disabled in either of two ways:
* Add "Secondary Device Attribute" report option to terminal status reports.
I would like to leave the second in here because both include an update 
of escape sequence parsing. It's in preparation of patch 4.

Patch 4 (to be postponed as there's still some trouble with it):
* Fix cursor position reports and terminal status reports to work.

Patch 5 (later, to be investigated):
* Fix control-character mappings (for non-letter controls) on 
international keyboards.

Kind regards,

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