console enhancements: mouse events etc

Corinna Vinschen
Mon Dec 14 16:30:00 GMT 2009

On Dec 14 17:17, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >Hi Tom,
> Hi Cori,
> >On Dec  6 20:24, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> >>This is my updated and extended patch for a number of console enhancements.
> >>...
> >>If you want a subset of the features sooner than others, I may split
> >>the patch.
> >Thanks for the offer.  It would be nice if you could split up the patch
> >in the chunks which you're referring to in your ChangeLog entries.  It
> >makes it less hard to follow the individual bits.
> Sure, although I had hoped I could at least combine a few
> modifications to reduce fiddling around...
> Also, since it's always cumbersome to update a patch to a new target
> version, would you be willing to apply some of the features still to
> the current release, 1.7.0-68?

No, that's really not how it works.  Patches are supposed to be against
the latest from CVS.  And it's also not cumbersome, it's rather quite
simple.  CVS is doing that for you usually anyway.  If you have a
patched CVS source tree, just call `cvs up' and the current HEAD is
merged with your local changes.  Given that wasn't
changed for a while anyway, you should not see any merge conflicts.

> My proposal:

That's ok.  It's just much easier to examine the changes if
they are provided in logically combined snippets.


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