[Patch] ps command returns 1 if PID not found

Ryan Dortmans ryandort.cygwin@gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 00:10:00 GMT 2009

>Sorry but returning 1 doesn't make sense and it isn't the way that linux
>works.  It actually returns 0.

dortmans> /bin/ps -p 4549 ; echo "Return val: $?"
  PID TTY          TIME CMD
 4549 ?        00:00:00 sshd
Return val: 0
dortmans> /bin/ps -p 1111 ; echo "Return val: $?"
  PID TTY          TIME CMD
Return val: 1

dortmans> /bin/ps --version
procps version 3.2.3

I get these results in Solaris Unix and Red Hat Linux. The above
commands were executed on a Red Hat Linux system.


Ryan Dortmans

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