[PATCH] Fix misc aliasing warnings.

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Sun Jan 10 11:12:00 GMT 2010

On Jan  9 19:47, Dave Korn wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > Concerning fstat_helper, I don't like to slip another layer into these
> > calls to pamper an anal-retentive compiler.  I would rather like to fix
> > this by removing the FILETIME type from the affected places and use
> > LARGE_INTEGER throughout.  It's not overly tricky, given that FILETIME
> > time == LARGE_INTEGER kernel time.
>   I'll give that patch you posted a test.

Thanks!  In the meantime I'll apply it as is since it's better than
the old code anyway.

> > Wouldn't temporary pointers
> > avoid the memcpy?
>   Probably, but I was expecting the compiler to thoroughly optimize those
> memcpys anyway.  I'll double-check with this and the previous one how the
> generated code looks.

Still, it looks bad since it seems so superfluous.  I don't think we
should rely so heavily on the compiler optimization.

> >>  #define IN6_ARE_ADDR_EQUAL(a, b) \
> >> -	(((const uint32_t *)(a))[0] == ((const uint32_t *)(b))[0] \
> >> -	 && ((const uint32_t *)(a))[1] == ((const uint32_t *)(b))[1] \
> >> -	 && ((const uint32_t *)(a))[2] == ((const uint32_t *)(b))[2] \
> >> -	 && ((const uint32_t *)(a))[3] == ((const uint32_t *)(b))[3])
> >> +	(!memcmp ((a), (b), 4 * sizeof (uint32_t)))
> > 
> > Hang on.  That's almost exactly the definition of IN6_ARE_ADDR_EQUAL as
> > on Linux and on other systems.  If that doesn't work anymore, not only
> > this one has to be changed, but all the equivalent expressions
> > throughout netinet/in.h.  The gcc guys aren';t serious about that,
> > are they?
>   I'll ask upstream about this one, and perhaps the disk geometry thing as
> well.  It's not like any of this is urgent, 4.5 is still a little ways off
> release so I'm just trying to lay some groundwork in advance.
>   So, I'll test your version of the fhandler patch, and consult upstream about
> a couple of the others, and we'll come back to this shortly.  Thanks for the
> reviews.

Thanks for looking into this,

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