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Thu Jan 14 09:40:00 GMT 2010

On Jan 13 16:49, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 10:25:37PM +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >the below patch implements the Linux dup3/O_CLOEXEC/F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC
> >extension.  I hope I didn't miss anything important since it affects
> >quite a few fhandlers.  Fortunately most is mechanical change, except
> >for a few places (dtable.cc, pipe.cc, fhandeler_fifo.cc, syscalls.cc).
> >Nevertheless, I'd be glad if somebody could have a second look into
> >this.
> >
> >Eric, you asked for it in the first place, do you have a fine testcase
> >for this functionality?
> The number of times that you typed:
>   sa_buf = close_on_exec ()
>               ? sec_user_nih ((PSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES) char_sa_buf, cygheap->user.sid())
>               : sec_user ((PSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES) char_sa_buf, cygheap->user.sid());
> implies that this should be a macro or a function.

The combination with sec_none_nih/sec_none is used four times in
different fhandler files.  Yes, good idea, I'll create an inline
function in fhandler.h.

The above combination with sec_user_nih/sec_user is only used two times,
both in fhandler_fifo.cc.  What about an inline function in
fhandler_fifo.cc for this one?  I'll add that to the revised patch.

> Could the setting of close_on_exec be handled in the syscalls.cc open()
> so that it doesn't have to be done so many times?  You could have

Yesterday I was sure that it has to be set in the various open methods
since they could be called from elsewhere.  Today, after a nights sleep,
I'm not so sure anymore.  I don't see any call to fh->open outside of
open(2).  And calls to the open_fs() function are covered anyway.
I'll look into simplifying this.

> build_fh_name set the noexec flag so that close_on_exec() would still
> work in the fhandler_*::open functions.

I'm not sure I understand you correctly.  Do you mean build_fh_name
should already set the close_on_exec flag so that later fhandler_*::open
only have to call set_close_on_exec if a set_no_inheritance call is
required?  build_fh_name does not get a flag parameter so far.  That
would have to be added as default parameter.

For now I'll go the road to add the default close_on_exec setting to the
open(2) call.  It's easy to switch to build_fh_name from there.

Thanks for the review,

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