Eric Blake eblake@redhat.com
Fri Feb 26 16:05:00 GMT 2010

According to Corinna Vinschen on 2/26/2010 8:52 AM:
> Btw., I fixed the copyright date and a minor formatting issue in
> strsig.cc.  The copyright date is one of those pesky things you almost
> never think of in time.

Unless you use emacs, in which case you can install a hook that remembers
on your behalf with this chunk in ~/.emacs:

(require 'copyright)
;; the next line is if you use GPLv3 more than GPLv2
(setq copyright-current-gpl-version "3")
(defun my-copyright-update (&optional arg)
  "My improvements to `copyright-update'."
  (interactive "*P")
  (and (not (eq major-mode 'fundamental-mode))
       (copyright-update arg))
(add-hook 'before-save-hook 'my-copyright-update)

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