Add xdr support

Charles Wilson
Tue Mar 2 15:33:00 GMT 2010

Charles Wilson wrote:
> The attached patch(es) add XDR support to cygwin. eXternal Data

Now that newlib has accepted the XDR patches, the following simply
exports those symbols. It also ensures that the (rare) xdr error
messages are handled by cygwin as they are in glibc: print them to
stderr (unlike the previous patch, which printed them to cygwin's debug

I know we're in the run-up to 1.7.2, so it may be prudent to delay these
changes until after that, which is fine by me.

Now, I ran into a small problem: applying the attached patch to current

2010-03-01  Christopher Faylor  <...>
	* cygtls.h: Replace /*gentls_offsets*/ at end.

and doing an incremental rebuild (e.g. not a full clean&rebuild), I get
a non-functional cygwin1.dll:

      3 [main] bash 6840 exception::handle: Exception:
Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION at eip=61113909
eax=00000000 ebx=00000000 ecx=00000001 edx=00000008 esi=6115B2B0
ebp=0022CB18 esp=0022CB00 program=C:\cygwin-1.7\bin\bash.exe, pid 6840,
thread m
cs=001B ds=0023 es=0023 fs=003B gs=0000 ss=0023
Stack trace:
Frame     Function  Args
0022CB18  61113909  (0022D008, 00000000, 0022CB48, 61115228)
0022CB28  61113A22  (0022D008, 00000000, 0022CB48, 00000000)
0022CB48  61115228  (6115B2B0, 0022CD40, 00477CE4, 00550130)
0022CD08  610BC4B8  (0022CD40, 00000005, 0022CD68, 61006E43)
0022CD68  61006E43  (00000000, 0022CDA4, 61006700, 7FFDC000)
End of stack trace

However, rolling back CVS to here:

2010-02-26  Christopher Faylor  <...>
	* mkimport: cd away from temp directory or Windows will
	have problems

and applying this patch, and all is well (again with an incremental).
It could be that there is something funky going on with the recent
commits -- or it may be something as simple as, with HEAD, I need to do
a complete clean&rebuild.  I'll kick one of those off tonight.

However, I do not believe /THIS/ patch is related to /those/ problems. Okay?

2010-03-02  Charles Wilson  <...>

	Add XDR support.
	* cygwin.din: Export xdr functions.
	* include/cygwin/version.h: Bump version.
	* New.
	* cygxdr.h: New.
	* (dll_crt0_1): Print the (rare) xdr-related
	error messages to stderr.
	* Add cygxdr.

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