Add xdr support

Charles Wilson
Tue Mar 2 16:30:00 GMT 2010

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 02, 2010 at 10:32:45AM -0500, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> Now, I ran into a small problem: applying the attached patch to current
>> HEAD:
>> or it may be something as simple as, with HEAD, I need to do
>> a complete clean&rebuild.  I'll kick one of those off tonight.
> The snapshot does not display this problem.  It sounds like your
> tlsoffsets.h file is out of date.

Could be -- or that I some stale objects compiled using an out-of-date
tlsoffsets.h file.  Anyway, blowing away my build directory and
rebuilding from scratch, using cvs HEAD + this xdr patch, and everything
is fine. Sorry for the false alarm.

I (again) built the test suite from bsd-xdr so that it uses the xdr
functions exported by the new cygwin1.dll and it passed...

$ xdrmem_test.exe
test_xdrmem_int: PASS
test_xdrmem_u_int: PASS
test_xdrmem_long: PASS
test_xdrmem_u_long: PASS
test_xdrmem_short: PASS
test_xdrmem_u_short: PASS
test_xdrmem_char: PASS
test_xdrmem_u_char: PASS
test_xdrmem_int8_t: PASS
test_xdrmem_u_int8_t: PASS
test_xdrmem_uint8_t: PASS
test_xdrmem_int16_t: PASS
test_xdrmem_u_int16_t: PASS
test_xdrmem_uint16_t: PASS
test_xdrmem_int32_t: PASS
test_xdrmem_u_int32_t: PASS
test_xdrmem_uint32_t: PASS
test_xdrmem_int64_t: PASS
test_xdrmem_u_int64_t: PASS
test_xdrmem_uint64_t: PASS
test_xdrmem_hyper: PASS
test_xdrmem_u_hyper: PASS
test_xdrmem_longlong_t: PASS
test_xdrmem_u_longlong_t: PASS
test_xdrmem_float: PASS
test_xdrmem_double: PASS
test_xdrmem_bool: PASS
test_xdrmem_enum: PASS
test_xdrmem_union: PASS
test_xdrmem_opaque: PASS
test_xdrmem_bytes: PASS
test_xdrmem_string: PASS
test_xdrmem_wrapstring: PASS
test_xdrmem_array: PASS
test_xdrmem_vector: PASS
test_xdrmem_reference: PASS
test_xdrmem_pointer: PASS
test_xdrmem_list: PASS
test_xdrmem_primitive_struct: PASS
All tests passed!

$ xdrstdio_test.exe
test_xdrstdio_int: PASS
test_xdrstdio_u_int: PASS
test_xdrstdio_long: PASS
test_xdrstdio_u_long: PASS
test_xdrstdio_short: PASS
test_xdrstdio_u_short: PASS
test_xdrstdio_char: PASS
test_xdrstdio_u_char: PASS
test_xdrstdio_int8_t: PASS
test_xdrstdio_u_int8_t: PASS
test_xdrstdio_uint8_t: PASS
test_xdrstdio_int16_t: PASS
test_xdrstdio_u_int16_t: PASS
test_xdrstdio_uint16_t: PASS
test_xdrstdio_int32_t: PASS
test_xdrstdio_u_int32_t: PASS
test_xdrstdio_uint32_t: PASS
test_xdrstdio_int64_t: PASS
test_xdrstdio_u_int64_t: PASS
test_xdrstdio_uint64_t: PASS
test_xdrstdio_hyper: PASS
test_xdrstdio_u_hyper: PASS
test_xdrstdio_longlong_t: PASS
test_xdrstdio_u_longlong_t: PASS
test_xdrstdio_float: PASS
test_xdrstdio_double: PASS
test_xdrstdio_bool: PASS
test_xdrstdio_enum: PASS
test_xdrstdio_union: PASS
test_xdrstdio_opaque: PASS
test_xdrstdio_bytes: PASS
test_xdrstdio_string: PASS
test_xdrstdio_wrapstring: PASS
test_xdrstdio_array: PASS
test_xdrstdio_vector: PASS
test_xdrstdio_reference: PASS
test_xdrstdio_pointer: PASS
test_xdrstdio_list: PASS
test_xdrstdio_primitive_struct: PASS
All tests passed!

$ xdrsizeof_test.exe
test_xdrsizeof_list: PASS
test_xdrsizeof_primitive_struct: PASS
All tests passed!


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