Add xdr support

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Mar 2 18:09:00 GMT 2010

On Mar  2 10:32, Charles Wilson wrote:
> Charles Wilson wrote:
> > The attached patch(es) add XDR support to cygwin. eXternal Data
> Now that newlib has accepted the XDR patches, the following simply
> exports those symbols. It also ensures that the (rare) xdr error
> messages are handled by cygwin as they are in glibc: print them to
> stderr (unlike the previous patch, which printed them to cygwin's debug
> strace).
> I know we're in the run-up to 1.7.2, so it may be prudent to delay these
> changes until after that, which is fine by me.

These functions don't interfere with existing functionality at all,
so I don't see a reason to keep them out of 1.7.2...

> 2010-03-02  Charles Wilson  <...>
> 	Add XDR support.
> 	* cygwin.din: Export xdr functions.
> 	* include/cygwin/version.h: Bump version.
> 	* New.
> 	* cygxdr.h: New.
> 	* (dll_crt0_1): Print the (rare) xdr-related
> 	error messages to stderr.
> 	* Add cygxdr.

...and I would *love* to apply the patches, but unfortunately there's a
serious, VERY serious problem with this patch.

The patch is missing the related changes to cygwin/posix.sgml and

Would you mind to send a second patch for the documentation?


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