Add xdr support

Charles Wilson
Wed Mar 3 05:03:00 GMT 2010

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> ...and I would *love* to apply the patches, but unfortunately there's a
> serious, VERY serious problem with this patch.
> The patch is missing the related changes to cygwin/posix.sgml and
> doc/new-features.sgml.
> Would you mind to send a second patch for the documentation?

Well, for new-features, no problem; attached.

However, the xdr functions are defined by neither SuSv4 nor POSIX,
AFAICT.  They are defined by (variously) RFCs 1014 [1], 1832 [2], and
4506 [3], SVID.4 [4], and LSB [5].  It is also described in the XNFS [6]

But it ain't posix, so...should it really go in posix.sgml?

[1] (06/1987)
[2] (08/1995)
[3] (05/2006)
[4] System V Interface Definition, Third Edition
	American Telephone and Telegraph Company, System V
	Interface Definition, Issue 3; Morristown, NJ, UNIX Press, 1989.
	(ISBN 0201566524)
[5] (13.3.1. RPC)

I also got good use out of Appendix A of the ONC+ developer's guide:

2010-03-02  Charles Wilson  <...>

        * new-features.sgml (ov-new1.7.2): Describe XDR support.

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