Add xdr support

Charles Wilson
Wed Mar 3 12:49:00 GMT 2010

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Mar  3 00:03, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> But it ain't posix, so...should it really go in posix.sgml?
> Yes!  The filename posix.sgml is just historical, it could be better
> named api.sgml, I guess, but here we are.  Have a look, it contains
> various chapters with all APIs which follow some lead, SUSv4, BSD,
> Linux, Solaris, deprecated or "other".  In case of the XDR calls, they
> should probably go into the Solaris section, unless you think they fit
> better in one of the other sections.


2010-03-03  Charles Wilson  <...>

        * posix.sgml: Add xdr_array, xdr_bool, xdr_bytes, xdr_char,
	xdr_double, xdr_enum, xdr_float, xdr_free, xdr_hyper, xdr_int,
	xdr_int16_t, xdr_int32_t, xdr_int64_t, xdr_int8_t, xdr_long,
	xdr_longlong_t, xdr_netobj, xdr_opaque, xdr_pointer,
	xdr_reference, xdr_short, xdr_sizeof, xdr_string, xdr_u_char,
	xdr_u_hyper, xdr_u_int, xdr_u_int16_t, xdr_u_int32_t,
	xdr_u_int64_t, xdr_u_int8_t, xdr_u_long, xdr_u_longlong_t,
	xdr_u_short, xdr_uint16_t, xdr_uint32_t, xdr_uint64_t,
	xdr_uint8_t, xdr_union, xdr_vector, xdr_void, xdr_wrapstring,
	xdrmem_create, xdrrec_create, xdrrec_endofrecord, xdrrec_eof,
	xdrrec_skiprecord, and xdrstdio_create to list of implemented
	Solaris functions.

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