console enhancements: mouse events etc

Thomas Wolff
Tue Mar 30 10:54:00 GMT 2010

Hi Corinna,

On 30.03.2010 11:59, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
For some reason this mail didn't make it into my cygwin mailbox, so it's 
good you sent me a personal CC.

> ...
> Since you were looking into the Cygwin console code lately, maybe you
> could find out why `stty sane' doesn't reset the character set?
stty sane isn't supposed to do anything "sane" to the terminal, I think, 
just to the tty device.
The tool to use would be 'reset'. So I'll try to find out why 'reset' 
doesn't reset the character set :-\ .

> A couple of minutes ago I printed the bytes from an ISO image unfiltered
> to the console.  Afterwards, the console was using the alternate
> charset.
There are two methods to switch to the alternate character set. One is 
by just sending a Control-N. Most terminals "guard" this method by 
requiring an enable sequence before this works. I guess this would 
considerably reduce the risk that this happens, that's probably why they 
do it.
I didn't implement the guarding mechanism in fhandler_console (although 
I prepared it somewhat) so I think I should fully implement that.
Also I tuned mined to send the corresponding disable sequence on exit 
which it didn't, probably (and weird enough) because terminfo maintains 
the enable capability but no disable capability...

> `stty sane' does not switch back to the default charset for some reason.
See above; I don't think it's supposed to do that.

> If you have a bit of spare time, do you think you would like to have a look?
Is it sufficient to complete this in 2 weeks (after Easter time)?


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