work around gcc bug in signal.h

Eric Blake
Tue Apr 27 15:18:00 GMT 2010

I had already written this patch, and was in the process of testing it,
before cgf voted it down.  I'm still posting it for the record, as it
would allow us to be source-compatible with Linux while we wait for the
gcc bug to be fixed.

For that matter, even if this patch is not applied, we might still want to
consider simplifying things in siginfo_t - an anonymous union containing a
single anonymous struct containing a single anonymous union seems
wasteful, and we can prune two of those scopes whether or not we also name
the outer union.

2010-04-27  Eric Blake  <>

	* include/cygwin/signal.h (siginfo_t, sigaction): Work around gcc
	bug with member initialization of anonymous union members.

Eric Blake    +1-801-349-2682
Libvirt virtualization library
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