[PATCH] fix build warnings for functions without return value

Daniel Colascione dan.colascione@gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 23:19:00 GMT 2010

> From: cygwin-patches-owner@cygwin.com [mailto:cygwin-patches-
> I don't see why this is needed.  Cygwin uses -Werror by default so, if gcc
> emitted warnings we wouldn't be able to build a release or make a

It's because Cygwin uses -Werror that I had to patch the source. I'm
compiling with '-Os -march=native', which must tickle a different part of
the optimizer and thereby produce this warning. (One of the nice things
about clang is reportedly that it produces the same warnings no matter what
the optimizer does.) Besides, the current code is technically undefined and
the patch removes that undefined behavior --- which could start producing
warnings for the current build at any time.

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